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Matheran is the popular tourist destination in Maharashtra and a weekend gateway for people from Mumbai and Pune due to its nearness from both the places. The small hill station set among the picture perfect Sahyadri Mountains is the ideal place to visit and relax in a more laid back manner. There are number of cheap hotels in Matheran that suit to a budget traveler. If you have a tight pocket then these hotels are just perfect to make you trip to the place a great experience.

Cheap Hotels In Matheran The reasonably priced accommodation in Matheran is ideal for all those who want to take a quick weekend break away from the mad rush of cities. They provide the best amenities at the minimum price. You can choose Hotel Regal, Royal Hotel, Horseland matheran or Point View Hotel for middle to low budget among other Matheran cheap hotels and enjoy the bounties of nature at its best. You can also get the advantage of super saver best deals at the hotels. The hotel web site offer exclusive promotion schemes from time to time to its tourists.

The Matheran hotel directory can provide you all the information about cheap hotels at Matheran. In Green Hotel you can find the best rates in the industry and make use of the various hotel packages offered to its clients by the hotels. The hotels are classified into various categories according to the services provided and the prices charged. Some other to mention are Green Hill Resort, Sayeban Hotel Matheran.

At Meghdoot Hotel low tariff range is indicated and you can select the one that fits your pocket. You can also book online with the cheap hotels around Matheran and avail attractive rates and weekdays discounts too. Through several websites you can compare the various hotel rates and choose the best rate keeping in mind the amenities offered to you. Last minute hotel deal is also available to the guests in various money saver packages.

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Get Online Booking Of Hotels In Matheran

Matheran is situated in Maharashtra and is the popular tourist destination. The place welcomes travelers and nature lovers form every corner of the globe. The eco sensitive region, Matheran has become popular due to its amazing locales and pleasant climate free of pollution. Staying at Matheran hotels is just as easy and you can also get an online booking of hotels in Matheran. In case of heavy tourist rush such facility is advisable to get booking in advance.

Hotels In Matheran Hotels online booking in Matheran offers many facilities fro its guests. They can have a glimpse of the hotel and its surroundings at the web site of the hotels and interact with the customer help executive. The live chat facility helps him get a quick answer to all his queries. The chat support also assists him to plan his trip more effectively and much faster. The images of the hotels and of the hill station can be viewed by the guests. Websites like , and may lend a helping to book your rooms.

The valuable information offered to the clients by way of chat and e mail help him to get fast online booking of hotels in Matheran and an immediate confirmation too. In case of doubts the client can ask for a feedback from the hotel help desk by way of e -mails also. He can make payment through major credit cards. He can also make use of the SKYPE facility and communicate in a much better way. In case he wants to cancel his booking he can do so.

Any changes in plan or extension of dates can also be done by hotels online booking in Matheran. It is definitely the fastest way to get your choice of accommodation in the hill station. It is especially helpful for long distant travelers and those seeking last minute bookings. The sites also offer discount packages and other benefit schemes as a promotional tool.

Top Hotels In Matheran

Top Hotels In Matheran -Take A Look


Matheran is visited by large number of tourist every year and the place is a favorite destination for people from all parts of India and the world. The place has many attractions to offer to its visitors. Accommodation is easily available and you can look for some of the top hotels in Matheran to get your favorite services. These hotels offer great amenities and high class services to its guests. Providing facilities at the most competitive price is their sole aim.

Top Hotels In Matheran They are listed among the top hotels at Matheran in the hotel directory like Hotel Regal, Hotel Panorama and Matheran Royal Hotel. The visitors can also visit the hotel website to have a look into the surroundings and the rooms of the hotels. A high standard of services are maintained at the hotels such as recreational facilities both indoor and outdoor which includes games of many types. The hotels are designed with the best interiors and great décor to give an exclusive feel of the place.

A pleasant help desk is available to assist you round the clock and to make your trip a memorable experience. Top Matheran hotels like Lords Central Hotel and Plaza Hotel also provide a facility to organize business seminars and conferences. Huge conference halls are maintained with latest audio- visual and web facilities by the hotels. It helps you make business dealings in the most amazing locations and include pleasure with work.

Matheran hotels offer weekday discounts and other packages to its esteem clients. Usha Ascot offers schemes and money saver packages to give the best and most competitive rates to the clients. Such hotels are placed in the most mesmerizing locations to offer a great view of the Sehayadri mountain range, its calm ambience and of the dense forest in the region. Natural surroundings, serene beauty and picture perfect locations are the plus points of such hotels within Matheran. 

Matheran Hotels

Matheran Hotels: At A Glance

Matheran is the most popular hill station located at a distance of about 100 kms from Mumbai. The place is famous for its beautiful surroundings and pollution free air as no vehicles are allowed here. You can have man pulled rickshaws or horses to roam about the place. Tourists visit this place for its pleasant climate and calm natural beauty and therefore, there are many hotels in Matheran offering you great amenities at an affordable price.

Matheran Hotels The hill station has been declared an eco sensitive zone by the Union Environment Ministry. Tourist visit Matheran for its other places of interest too and finding a Matheran hotel is a hassle free task. These accommodation ranges from plush five star hotels to relatively cheaper budget hotels. Hotels like Lords Central Hotel, Lords Central Hotel, Anand Ritz Kumar Plaza offer you an opportunity to enjoy the nature at the same time pamper yourself with great hospitality. The personalized and efficient services at the hotels make your trip an unforgettable experience.

The hotels of Matheran are well connected to major roads and other popular places visited by tourists. The hotels aim at giving you a cozy environment and an array of facilities such as, 24 hour room service, delicious cuisine, laundry and bar. Regal Hotel and Royal hotel rates suit every pocket. If you are a budget tourist then staying at a reasonably priced hotel is also an option. These budget hotels take care of basic amenities and give you maximum services at minimum price.

Matheran hotels are tastefully designed with an option for deluxe cottage type facility or an individual apartment. They also offer an array of recreational facilities for you and your entire family. These are out door games like tennis, swimming and badminton and in house games like table tennis, pool table and lots more.

Resorts In Matheran

Book Hill Resorts In Matheran

Matheran is the small hill station 100kms away from Mumbai. The place is famous for its pollution free air and beautiful locations. Declared as an eco sensitive region by Union Environment Ministry, this place has strictly banned automobiles to ply here. It is a great weekend gateway for people from Pune and Mumbai because of its great connectivity and nearness to these cities. Hill resorts in Matheran are perfect accommodation ideas for people visiting the quaint place.

Resorts In Matheran Staying at one of the hill resorts at Matheran is a life time experience as the natural beauty of the dense forest and the glimpses of Sehyadri Mountains are possible through them. Green Hill Resort is set amongst the serene land and amazing sites the ideal way to enjoy the quiet surrounding together with great hospitality at the resorts. There are separate cottages designed tastefully in the most comfortable ambience. Richie Rich Resort is also counted among other luxurious adobes.

The variety of staying options like deluxe rooms, executive rooms and standard rooms are available to suit every budget in the Matheran hill resorts. Usha Ascot Resort with the spacious rooms and 24 x 7 customer service desks with mouth watering cuisine to its guests. The location is at a reachable distance from some of the must visit places and other important tourist points in the hill station. An array of indoor and out door recreational facilities is provided such as a heated swimming pool, a discotheque and an on-site resto-bar are offered.

The hill resorts within Matheran also offer to organize your business meetings and conferences at Panorama Resort. The seminars and meeting can be held in the huge conference halls well equipped with the latest audio-visual aids and web connectivity. Hence pleasure and business can be clubbed into one at the hill resorts here.

Accommodation In Matheran

Know More About Accommodation In Matheran

Matheran is the most popular travel destination in Maharashtra. The small hill station is famous for its beautiful mountain range, dense forest cover and pleasant climate. There is a heavy influx of tourist in the region and therefore there are numerous options available for accommodation in Matheran. The place has everything right from high end plush hotels to budget category lodgingss, to go well with every pocket. If you are looking for great amenities in the best price in the accommodations here then you will not be disappointed.

Accommodation In Matheran If you are traveling with a tight budget then the place has some of the good reasonably priced budget hotels like Meghdoot Hotel and Green Hotel will offer best services at the minimum cost. Cheap Matheran accommodation also offer some added benefits like sight seeing and breakfast for its guests. You can benefit from the attractive rates and various discounts offered by such hotels which is a great option for the whole family as well.

Luxury and international standard accommodations at Matheran are also possible by its luxury hotels and resorts. Point View Hotel and Royal Hotel offer amazing services and the best amenities to its guests and take care of their every need. Recreational facilities, entertainment, latest amenities and a lot of added benefits are offered by the hotels and resorts. They are placed in the best locations in the hill station offering its clients a glimpse of the mountain range and a calm and quiet surrounding.

Hill resorts and cottages are also available as another premier Matheran accommodation option for those who want a peaceful and serene atmosphere in the middle of the beautiful hill station. MTDC Holiday Resort Matheran provides personalized services and independent villas to the customers with open terrace and spacious verandahs. It is ideal accommodation for honeymooners and for all those who want to cherish in tranquility of this amazing place without any disturbance.

Cottages In Matheran

Sumptuous Stay At The Cottages In Matheran

The hill station in Maharashtra, Matheran is set amongst the dense forest cover of Sehayadri Mountain range and is the perfect destination for tourists. The hill station is famous for its pollution free air and amazing locales. Visiting the place and staying at cottages in Matheran is definitely a great idea to explore this picturesque destination. These cottages are set in the middle of nature’s bounties and give you a glimpse of the serene mountain and thick forest from a closer distance.


Cottages In Matheran Matheran cottages are ideal for people looking for tranquility and calm natural surrounding away from the hustle bustle of big cities. The options are huge like from deluxe cottages to executive rooms. The Hotel Retreat is designed to give you personalized amenities such as, a well equipped kitchen and individual balconies. They are the best accommodation for honeymooners searching for quite ambience in the lap of nature.


Cottages at Matheran offer great facilities and services to its guest right from outdoor and indoor games to web connectivity. The needs of its clients are of prime importance to the warm and friendly staff which is readily available round the clock to serve you better. Radha cottage is situated in the lush green surroundings offering you international standard services. You can enjoy a great evening at your personal terrace in the cottage. The cottages are designed with the most tasteful interiors and give you a pleasurable stay in Matheran.

The accommodation of Usha Ascot is designed with a separate living room and bed room and verandah to let you relax in the natural surrounding. There are tree top rooms too that offer you a breathtaking view of the mountain range. Whether it is your leisurely vacation with family or a business conference, Cottages around Matheran offer a comprehensive range of high class services at an affordable price range.