Weather In Matheran

Weather In Matheran: A Glimpse

A great travel destination nestled at about 2,625 above the sea level, Matheran is 100 kms away from Mumbai. The majestic mountains surrounding the hill station makes it a preferred travel destination. It is one of the very few places in the world were no automobiles are allowed hence the atmosphere is filled with fresh air and salubrious climate throughout the year. Matheran Weather is characterized by cold mountain breeze and is just apt holiday gateway during the hot and humid summers in the plains.

Weather In Matheran The high altitude and sprawling hills with vegetation makes the climate cooler and less humid. The summers here lasts from March to June and it is comparatively cooler here than in the rest of Maharashtra cities. The maximum temperature reaches to 32 degree Celsius. The weather at Matheran in summer is pleasant and mild due to a green and dense forest cover and cool mountain breeze that blows constantly in Matheran.

Just like summer the weather of Matheran in winter is also pleasant with slightly colder nights. The days are warm with the minimum temperature of 16 degree Celsius. Winters in the hill station lasts from November to mid – March. It is the perfect weather to enjoy the glory of softer winter sun and indulging in various merrymaking activities near a bonfire. The solacing sun in winters invites people from humid plains.

The monsoon season in Matheran lasts from mid -June to mid –October. The monsoon showers in this hill station are nowhere sympathetic but demonstrate roaring dark clouds and non- stop rainfalls. The weather in Matheran during this time is not ideal for walking or trekking as the road which are not tarred but made with red laterite soil becomes muddy and unfit for commuting. The region becomes prone to landslides and virtually closes down for outside world.

Matheran Tourism

Details About Matheran Tourism

Matheran is a small hill station in Maharashtra state about 100 kms from Mumbai. The place if famous tourist destination and a perfect gateway for people from Pune and Mumbai due to its proximity form the two cities. Discovered by the British officer Hugh Malet in 1850, the place was developed as holiday destination by the British. It is located at an elevation of about 800m (2,625) above the sea level. Tourism in Matheran is famous for its serene surroundings and pollution free air.

Matheran Tourism The Union Environment Ministry has given the place a status of eco sensitive zone and has banned all types of automobiles to run there. Hence one can just roam about on foot or on a horseback to unfold the treasures of beautiful hill station man pulled rickshaws are also provided by the Matheran tourism as a means of transport. The dense forest on the top of Sahyadri Mountains is a great place to explore in Matheran.

There are number of places of interest that can be visited by the people like the Panorama Point, Echo Point, Garbut Point, Charlotte Lake Sunset Point also called Porcupine Point and One tree Hill, to name a few. The tourism around Matheran strongly recommends a journey in the toy train from Mumbai to Neral which is an experience in itself. The slow train passes through the Western Ghats giving you a glimpse into the spectacular beauty of the hill station very closely.


Tourism within Matheran suggests a visit to in winter and summer as the weather is pleasant and inviting in both the seasons. But a visit to the place should be avoided in monsoon as the place get heavy rainfall due to the high altitudes and dense forest cover. Landfalls are a common happening at this time in Matheran and the red laterite road becomes unfit for commuting.

Matheran Railway



Matheran railway history dates back to the year 1900 when Abdul Hussein Adamjee Peerbhoy developed the concept of having a railway track built at Matheran to make his frequent trips to the small hill station more comfortable. It was financed by his business tycoon father Sir Adamjee Peerbhoy of the Adamjee Group and it took about Rs.16, 00,000 to build the railway line. It is now a heritage railway in Maharashtra, India. The railway line was built between 1901 and 1907.

Matheran Railway The construction was undertaken on the consultancy of engineer Everard Calthrop famous from Barsi Light Railway. The starting point of the train is at Neral which is at the midway between Mumbai and Pune. Matheran railway covers a distance of 20kms over the large forest cover of region connecting Matheran to Neral. It is in the Western Ghats hills near Krjat and Mumbai. The slow toy train runs at an average speed of 20km/hr.

The Central Railways administers railway at Matheran and is now being promoted as the World Heritage Site. From Neral the narrow gauge two feet track runs parallel to the broad main gauge line. It then turns east to ascend to Matheran. The rail line and roadway meet near Jummpatti and after a brief separation meet again at Bhekra Kud. After a small stretch the track takes another sharp ascent before Mount Berry and to avoid reversing the station a big shoe embankment was build.

Visit to check Railway Pnr Status . After a mile or so, the railway across Matheran runs northwards then turns around to enter the ‘one kiss tunnel’ by way of the embankment. The name is given to make a reference about the short time it takes to cross the tunnel. The rail then takes two more zig–zags to reach Panorama Point. It then goes back to Simpson Tank and finally terminates at Matheran.

Best Time To Visit In Matheran

Find About The Best Time To Visit In Matheran

Matheran is the most visited tourist destination in Maharashtra which is 100kms away from Mumbai. The places is idyllic hill station for those looking for peace and tranquility and want to grasp some of the laid back moments in the middle of natural beauty. The hill station is a favorite holiday spot and a weekend gateway for people form Pune and Mumbai. To enjoy the serene picturesque hills and the pleasant climate the best time to visit in Matheran is from November to February.

Best Time To Visit In Matheran This period of the year is the winter season in Matheran and the weather is just apt for long nature walks and trekking. The sun is milder and softer and the day time is pleasant followed by chilly nights. The minimum temperature is about 16 degree Celsius and it is comfortable to move during day time. The best time to visit at Matheran is of course winter.

In summer the weather in Matheran is pleasant without humidity. The days are slightly warm and the maximum temperature is around 32 degree Celsius. Long walks in the hill station can become tiring at times due to hot summer sun but the constant cool breeze from the dense forest and Sahyadri Mountains makes the weather more comfortable. The months from April to June are therefore the ideal time to visit in Matheran.

Monsoon season is not the ideal time for visiting Matheran as it is characterized by heavy rain and huge thunderclaps in the mountain region. Rain makes the red laterite road unfit for traveling. The toy train services from Neral are temporarily suspended due to heavy water on the tracks. The road becomes slippery and landslides are a common sight in the hill station. The place virtually shuts its door to the outside world during this time of the year.