Take Precautions While Visiting Matheran

Matheran is the small hill station in Maharashtra. The place is set amongst the Sehayadri Mountain and is a perfect destination for people seeking a great outing on a weekend. If you have planned a trip you should take certain precautions while visiting Matheran. Since the place is declared an eco sensitive zone by the Union Environment Ministry, no vehicles or automobiles are allowed inside the boundaries of the hill station. The nearest place where it is allowed is Dasturi Point.

Take Precautions While Visiting Matheran The only transportation means is the toy train that drops you at Neral or you can also use the road from Navi Mumbai and Panvel. If you are not a good trekker and walking is something that you can not do much then think again. Take precaution visiting Matheran as you either have to walk the path on foot or use horses to commute in the region. You can use the man pulled rickshaws also.

If the physical condition of anyone with you does not allow trekking then you must have to keep this in mind as there are no other alternative than horses. Your trip should be planned after a good research into the best weather to visit the place. While visiting Matheran precautions should be taken minutely throughout the monsoon season. Due to heavy rainfall the place becomes difficult to access as the roads are not tarred.

The red laterite road ends up getting muddy with ditches and walking on such a path is out of question. There are instances of landslides in the region and the train link also gets suspended at times due to heavy down pour. The place just shuts its doors for all outsiders in this season. Take precaution during visiting Matheran as monsoon is definitely not a good season to visit Matheran.

Places To Visit In Matheran

Explore The Places To Visit In Matheran

Matheran is the famous tourist destination and a perfect gateway for your vacations. Situated at about 100 kms away from Mumbai, the place is serene with a pollution free environment. The hill station was declared an eco sensitive area by the Union Environment Ministry hence all types or vehicles are strictly not allowed to commute here. You can use horses or man pulled rickshaws to visit places in Matheran.

Places To Visit In Matheran There are a number of places to visit at Matheran that are famous for one reason or the other. It has about 28 amazing look out points that are visited by tourists in the hill station. It includes a beautiful lake called Charlotte Lake, a water fall mouth named Cecil Point and a race course inside Matheran. A number of points are also located at various spots that deserve a visit like King George Point which is visited mostly in monsoon for its amazing view of water falls.

Louisa Point, Echo Point, Alexander Point, Little Chowk Point, One Tree Hill Point and Porcupine Point are among other great places. Panorama Point has a special reason to be listed among the places to visit around Matheran as it gives a 360 degree view of the surrounding hills. Matheran is connected to the mainline rail line by way of a toy train. The journey in the toy train is a visual delight for all the nature lovers.

Mount Berry is one of the must Matheran place to visit that is 5 kms away from it and offers a bird’s eye view of Neral a popular spot in the hills. To explore the place to the fullest one needs to spend at least 2 to 3 days here and walk on foot to get an amazing glimpse of the serene hill station. There are 4 main worship places including the ancient Pisarnath temple.

How To Reach Matheran

How To Reach Matheran – A Guide

Matheran is situated at a distance of 100 kms from Mumbai in Maharashtra. The place is a popular destination for tourists from Mumbai and Pune. The place has been listed as an eco sensitive region by Union Environment Ministry there is strict restriction on automobiles to ply in the region. Then how to reach Matheran? It can be accessed from the closest town, Neral by way of an amazing toy train journey on a narrow gauge railway line.

Matheran From Neral a taxi can be hired till the entrance and from there a horse ride will take you to city center or you can even trek on foot to reach at Matheran. A bus service is also there from Dasturi Point which is 11 kms ahead of Matheran and from there the destination can be accessed either on foot or horse back or by man pulled rickshaws. Neral is also connected to local trains along the CST Karjat route. The nearest airport is Mumbai.

From Mumbai you can hire a taxi to reach Matheran which is 100 kms away. You can also reach by road from Pune and Mumbai. It can be accessed via Navi Mumbai and Panvel. The Mumbai – Pune expressway at Panvel can be taken to avoid the traffic congestion. On this route Dasturi Naka is the last halt up to which the automobiles are allowed to commute. Matheran canter is just about 40 kms away from Dasturi car park.


Reaching Matheran is thrilling. The toy train journey that connects Matheran to the mainline rail track at Neral is highly recommended for those who visit the place for its spectacular beauty. The journey takes through tunnels and crosses the zigzags line twice backwards and forward. It is a visual delight and a thrilling experience for the tourists.