Weather In Matheran

Weather In Matheran: A Glimpse

A great travel destination nestled at about 2,625 above the sea level, Matheran is 100 kms away from Mumbai. The majestic mountains surrounding the hill station makes it a preferred travel destination. It is one of the very few places in the world were no automobiles are allowed hence the atmosphere is filled with fresh air and salubrious climate throughout the year. Matheran Weather is characterized by cold mountain breeze and is just apt holiday gateway during the hot and humid summers in the plains.

Weather In Matheran The high altitude and sprawling hills with vegetation makes the climate cooler and less humid. The summers here lasts from March to June and it is comparatively cooler here than in the rest of Maharashtra cities. The maximum temperature reaches to 32 degree Celsius. The weather at Matheran in summer is pleasant and mild due to a green and dense forest cover and cool mountain breeze that blows constantly in Matheran.

Just like summer the weather of Matheran in winter is also pleasant with slightly colder nights. The days are warm with the minimum temperature of 16 degree Celsius. Winters in the hill station lasts from November to mid – March. It is the perfect weather to enjoy the glory of softer winter sun and indulging in various merrymaking activities near a bonfire. The solacing sun in winters invites people from humid plains.

The monsoon season in Matheran lasts from mid -June to mid –October. The monsoon showers in this hill station are nowhere sympathetic but demonstrate roaring dark clouds and non- stop rainfalls. The weather in Matheran during this time is not ideal for walking or trekking as the road which are not tarred but made with red laterite soil becomes muddy and unfit for commuting. The region becomes prone to landslides and virtually closes down for outside world.

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